Frequently Asked Questions About Omega 3 Fish oil

  1. Does this omega 3 have an unpleasant fishy odor and taste?
    Fortifeye Super Omega Sport and Fortifeye Super Omega 3 start by using the youngest small cold water non predatory fish from the pristine waters in the most southern portion of the globe. These sardines and anchovies are extremely pure to begin with. The oils are purified by the Norwegians in the most sophisticated omega 3 fish oil refinery in the world located in Alesund Norway. This process lowers any oxidative process that can cause an unpleasant and fishy odor or taste. The oil is further deodorized for the best organoleptic profile and flavored mildly with natural lemon. Each back of Fortifeye Omegas are tested by experts trained in this area to detect any potential issue.
  1. Are omega supplements with omega 3, 6 and 9 better than just omega 3?
    The average American consumes way too much pro inflammatory omega 6 and not enough anti inflammatory omega 3. Omega 9 is a non essential fatty acid that most people are not deficient in because they can get it from their diet and their body can make it if necessary. Most of the supplements containing omega 3, 6 and 9 have minimal amounts omega 3 that will not provide the levels recommended by The American Heart Association. Straight omega 3 supplements are recommended by nutrition experts and doctors that are in tune with omega 3 nutrition. Too much omega 6 can cause health issues .
  1. Is omega 3 from marine sources better than plant sources?
    Yes! Alpha-lenolenic acid (ALA) is the plant based form of omega 3 and it is very difficult for the human body to convert ALA to EPA and DHA . Only women of child baring age have to ability to convert ALA to very small amounts of omega 3. So plant based omega 3 is virtually useless to most people. Triglyceride form (rtg) Fish oil is the best way to get the health benefits of omega 3.
  1. Are the fish oils you buy at the local store any good?
    Most store bough fish oils are a cheaper ethyl ester form of fish oil . This form is very unstable , doesn’t absorb well and goes rancid quickly causing an unpleasant odor and taste. Most of the over the counter omega 3 fish oils have very low levels of EPA and DHA, the typical commercial brand will have 180 EPA and 120 DHA or less. These low levels of omega 3 are not enough to get your omega blood levels above the heart healthy 8%.
  2. How long does it take to get omega 3 to optimal levels.
    Omega index studies verify in as little as 2 weeks omega levels can get to the heart health zone when taking 2 Fortifeye Super Omega. It will usually take up to 3 months to get maximum cellular saturation that will impact your health in a positive way. Blood chemistries can show favorable omega 3 health benefits after 3 months.
  1. Will food help the omega 3 absorb?
    Yes food will enhance the absorption of the omega 3.
  1. What blood test can check omega 3 levels and what are the ideal levels?
    Omega index testing is a test measures the amount of EPA and DHA in the blood. Low omega 3 is associated with many health problems. An omega index of 8% or higher is considered to be in the the heart healthy zone. Most Americans have an omega index below 4% . In a small pilot study using Fortifeye Super Omega at 2 per day , participants increased their omega index from 4.2% to 9.1% and some as high as 11%. This is a true testament to the amazing quality of Fortifeye Super Omega 3. Health benefits of omega 3 are noticed when the omega index stay at levels above 8%.
  1. How does Fortifeye Vitamins keep their cost down when compared to the competition?
    Fortifeye Super Omega 3, Super Omega 3 Max and Super Omega Sport have some of the best pricing in the industry when compared to similar triglyceride form fish oils. Fortifeye provides higher EPA and DHA at a better price than their competitors. Fortifeye Super Omegas provide therapeutic levels of both EPA and DHA in 2 gel caps where the competition provides similar levels of EPA and DHA at 3-4 gel caps at a much higher price. Fortifeye has significantly lower over head than the competition and doesn’t mark up the product as much. This savings is passed on to the consumer. This is why Fortifeye Super Omega 3 is one of the fastest growing omegas in the industry because they offer the highest quality fish oil at the best price.

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